AXGD Week in review.

Following up on my post from last week, I will review the winners as well as look for opportunities for the weeks ahead.

As expected, $AUD XAUAUD Gold continues to break higher. Reaching $1920aud and closing in on 2K Gold.

$AXGD Gold miners index continues to march forward, printing another bullish candle. Late week selling pressure near 6400, means probably, some digestion is required in a few names. Unlike Gold, miners were heavily dragged down mid week after the $DCN $MOY fiasco. Some long term bulls, even threw in the towel, as investors faced a 70% decline in one week.

The Winners for the week.

$RED Breaking out of a cup and handle. As well as the 200 week MA. Measured target 25c.

$NCM breaks 4 year rising wedge.
Newcrest production profile is world class.

$NST breaking to all time highs, had alot of indecision, after initial pop. Pogo production misses will be weighing on the minds of many, after a disastrous week from $DCN. Needs to follow through next week. You get the best of both worlds with NST, $AUD and $USD production.

$SLR breaking out and week close on a 6 year highs. Measured target is 102, if we get a follow through next week, 88c is resistance, then a free ride to 102.

SLR shorter time frame, building a large base.

The opportunities

$RXL 10m cash 12m Market cap and 50% JV with Venus on a 1.2moz project in WA. Drilling atm, and MD has been a on market buyer. Feel 50-70% pop could be on the cards. One to watch 012c is a break out.

$ADT A polymetallic deposit, with a nice uptrending chart. Key news flow coming out over the coming months including two deposit resources, scoping study and continued drill results. 95c remains the break out with most broker targets between 1.40-1.70$.

$EAR One that has frustrated me, due to it’s slow release of news flow. With both capital raising complete as of today for 18million, 15m to instos and 3m to retail and AGM on Monday 10th, we can finally expect the news to start rolling out. Company is known for 100% + pops of the years, and is a favorite with traders. Market cap is 90m with 20m cash, 100m plant (insured value), 2moz of Gold + DFS and a ongoing 90km drill program on some very lucrative ground. $NST owns 22%+.
Coiling in a falling wedge

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